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Shoppers reacting positively to a new way of spatial shopping with Dishwashers, Fridge-Freezers, Ovens, Washing Machines and Dryers.

Eyekandy, the global leader in A-Commerce for retailers and brands, today shared the results of a two-month, dedicated Home Appliance Category test, focusing on the sales uplift impact of the Point & Place AR shopping platform on major UK retailer DixonsCarphone.

The test, deployed on the website, ran across a range of products in the Home Appliance Category including; Fridge-Freezers; Ovens, Dryers, Washing Machines and Dishwashers.

On average, across the Home Appliance Category, test results showed that of the shoppers who viewed products in Point and Place and placed a product in their home in AR, 65.03% returned to the Currys product page and added to cart. In contrast, shoppers who did not use Point and Place, the test recorded only 6.13% of shoppers added to cart. For shoppers specifically in the Fridge & Freezer category, the test recorded a 9.05% add to cart rate when the shopper used Point and Place, compared to 2.72% add to cart rate when shoppers did not.

Similarly, for Washing Machines, add to cart rates increased from 6.77% to 11.24% when shoppers used Point & Place; and for Dishwashers, an increase from 6.10% to 10.34% add to cart rate when the shoppers used Point & Place.

Stuart Ramage, Online Trading Director of Dixons Carphone, commented; ‘Not only are we seeing encouraging add to cart rate impacts on our home appliance products, but we are also seeing a reduction in returned items in the category as well.

Andrew Shackleton, Chief Executive Officer at EyeKandy, commented; ‘Point & Place is the world’s most popular AR shopping platform for brands, retailers and shoppers. With the impressive results from one of Europe’s biggest retailers, we are thrilled that the hard work and investment in the technology is perfectly placed to reduce the ‘imagination gap’ for shoppers when shopping online’.

Point & Place won the ‘Best Use of Multichannel’ award at the prestigious London eCommerce Awards in September 2018 for its deployment on the website.